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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Colt's 1st Birthday

As you all know Colton is now 1! His birthday party turned out to be a sucess! He was a little grumpy but i guess that's how first birthdays go. It has been such a fun first year. I was looking at some newborn pictures of him the other day and it's crazy to see how much they actually change. He is basically running now. I love him and my family so much and i couldn't have asked for a better little man!

Me and my budz just hangin out!

Happy Birt-Day to Me!!

Hurray i'm 1!!
What a cute little family

Say cheese


Food Fight...Aghhh!!

Colby decided to have a cake fight with me and of course it doesn't end well for me LOL.

All my friends came!!


I LOVE Presents!!

Colton got a lot of cool presents. We had to quite half way through because he was getting onry. It was just too much for the little guy to handle.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Fun in the SUN!!

Colton LOVES to go boating. He will sit there forever and point at boats. We go to the beach so he can play in the water. Colby was building sand castles for Boog and she would run up and start digging them up so Colby couldn't even finish. She is such a weird dog.

Gone Tubing

Sumo Wrestling

We rented this, it's called the SUMO TUBE! You're supposed to get inside it and hold onto a rope then you can turn and stuff in the water. The lady they got it from said only one other person had rented it. We took it out and tried we know why only one other person...LOL not safe!

Colby's Turn!

He tried drinking a Coke while he was skating. Then he dropped it in the water and had to pick it back up. He even did a trick! He was able to turn his boar around without cracking up. Way to go Colby!!

The Clan

Here's part of the crew for this weekend. It's me and Colby and my little bro, James, and his girl friend, Camille. We played this new card game called Dutch Blitz. We had so much FUN playin! Even Colby played, that's tuff to do!!
Yay I finally got up on the wake skate! After 3 summers of trying...well last summer didn't really count. I tried to get out there but no one would let me, bein preggo and all:)

Thought your day was bad...think again!

Someone had a bad day! After we got done boating all day we can to the marina and the ramp was all blocked off. There was an Exterra that sunk. Scuba divers were there and three tow trucks...what a way to ruin a good weekend!!