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Saturday, March 27, 2010

OuR bUsY dAy...

Today we took Colt to the Dinosaur Museum at Thanksgiving Point. It was a lot better than i expected it to be. There were tonz of things for kids to do and see. Anytime Colt would see a dinosaur he would say raaar! It was pretty dang cute. Then they had little caves you could go in, and a place where you can pretend to be an Archaeologist and dig in the sand with brushes. He was a little bit too young, but they also had a place where they hid dinosaurs in water and sand and he touched the water but really didn't want anything to do with it...surprising, i know!! Then we went to Cabella's and he saw all the animals and he LOVED the fish...Oh, and the HOPTER!! Out of all the animals on that mountain, he saw right past it and saw the yellow hopter. We had a fun and busy day!

Friday, March 26, 2010

I got out Colt's potty the other day, just to kinda see what he thinks of it. I know he's too little but i just want to get him used to sitting on the potty. I read that that help get them prepared. He's been waking up dry almost every morning, and that's one of the signs. Anyways today i heard a door shut so i kinda waited a few seconds then saw that it was the bathroom door. I knocked and said, "can i come in" when i walked in Colt was sitting on his potty. It was so cute. Then he started freakin out cuz he needed an M (M&M's).

Saturday, March 13, 2010

wHaT a TeRd!

I came around the corner the other day, and he pulled the WHOLE entire roll of toilet paper off the thing. He even sat there picking off the tiny little pieces still stuck to the cardboard, (talk about being dedicated!)This is what the roll looked like after i rolled it back up, haha.

gOiN bRoKe...

O-man he's cleanin me out!!