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Saturday, April 10, 2010

HaRd WoRkiN MaN

Colt LOVES working in the yard. He has a gardening set that is really cute. He pushes around his little wheelbarrow and has his watering can and goes around to all the flowers and will water them. Every time we go out he knows exactly what to do. Before i say anything, he goes and gets his shovel and says poop. He tells me where all the poop is so i can poop scoop before he plays, he'll show me and say, "poop....Kkkkk", it's pretty hysterical. After that he wants his lawn mower and chair out so he'll walk around with that for a while, then he moves to the wheelbarrow. He is talking so much lately i can't believe it! He is such a smart kid and amazes me every day!


Easter Morning was really fun! Colt woke up and immediately noticed his Easter basket and ran over and started taking everything out. We weren't very good bunny's this year and didn't have the camera ready so we made him go back in his room and start over. We'll have to do better next year since that's when it's really gonna count. I think his favorite part was finding the eggs. Colby had to hide them like 3 times. Boog even got her own Easter basket with goodies. After we had done our family time we went and saw all the grandparents. We thought it would be fun to go see a movie, How to Train Your Dragon. Colt LOVED it. It was really cute. I would look over at him and he would just be laughing staring at the big screen. He did a lot better than i thought he would. The last 10 min of the show he couldn't sit there anymore and wanted to run. That's a long time for a kid to sit so i don't blame him! We wanted to go to dinner but by the time we were on our way he was passed out. Poor little guy got overdid!
We caught the Easter Bunny!!!