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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

CooKiE CuTTeRs

I took Colt back to get his hair cut. I just wanted to chop it off for summer. Plus i hate doing it. Cookie Cutters is the cutest place. Once you walk in they have the kid pick out their favorite car they want to sit it, and you get to pick out a movie to watch. Of course Colt picks Elmo everytime. They have bubbles for the kids to blow and they will give them a balloon and a sucker when they're done. I thought the first time he got it cut he would scream but he just sat there eating. He was really good this time too. He was flirting with his hair cutter.

Monday, June 21, 2010

FaThEr'S dAy PaRt 2...

Colby took Colton on the Dragon Coaster, it was really cute. It goes a lot faster than you think. As soon as Colt got off he said, "mama go". So me and Colt got back on and went again. We played in the arcade, and Colby taught him how to bowl, and how to be a race car driver! Colt loved it! Later that night we took him to see Toy Story 3. I can't believe how good he was. He sat there eating popcorn like a pro! It was funny. He would take a peice at a time then he would reach over and grab Colby's coke all while sitting staring at the big screen. He kept talking at the begining of the movie. If a horse came on he'd say, "HORSE" or the pig, he'd yell "PIG". It's like he turned 5 overnight. All the things he's doing lately just makes me sad. He's just getting so big! All in all we had a very fun and busy day! I hope all you other fathers had a great day too!

HaPpY fAtHeR's DaY!

For father's day Colby wanted to go to Hollywood Connection. When we got there we basically had the place to ourselves. Colt rode every single ride! We rode the pink bus and went around and around. He rode the hot air balloons with Colby. I thought it just went around in a circle. They actually went up in the air and started spinning. And of course the Merry-Go-Round. Colt didn't even cry or anything, he's such a brave little boy!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

My Perfect Day!!

This morning we woke up around 10am and made pancakes...yummy! We got ready and decided to go down to Gateway Mall. It was cool, they were having some sort of festival and there were artist there doing chalk drawings. They were SO amazing!! Colt got to pick out a build-a-bear, or build-a-monkey i should say. He picked out a Buzz Lightyear Outfit to dress the monkey in. It even has a helmet. It's pretty cute. After we paid for it the people put it in a box for you. I think Colt liked the box more than his new monkey. He kept sayin, "hold box" and would carry it around. After that we went to Toys-R-Us and checked out stuff for his B-day. We went to Chilli's for dinner and got delicious ribs! Our last event for the evening was a fun little Carnival we drove by. There was everything there! We played some games and Colt got to pick out some duckies and won some toys. His favorite thing was this little ride that he got to sit in and it went around. He picked out his own car each time; 1st a yellow bus, 2nd a red fire truck, then 3rd a green sportscar. He went on an apple ride with daddy and got to spin around really fast while mommy had to watch. The Merry-Go-Round there was freakin fast! I even had to hold on haha. We ate a snow cone and called it a night. It was my most perfect day to spend with my little family.

My 'lil Mexican boy

I seriously regret not buying this hat, it was AWSOME!! Colt looked adorable in it, then he found the noise things and was walkin around.

PiCs W/ pEdRo

Me and Camille with Pedro

Mexican night life

Again leave it to Colby to dress his boy gay! We were shopping and this is what Colby picked out for Colt. It was funny, the mexican guy was like, "you can try it on" I said NO he's a nino! (boy in spanish) LOL
We ate dinner at the Trailer Park. It's the BEST Restraunt, we go there every year. The mariachi band came around and sang to us... La La La La La Bumba!
My handsome hubby...wasn't cooperating!
Daddy and Colt walkin around
The gals...and Colt. He turned into SUCH a momma's boy while we were gone. I couldn't even put him down for a sec to get our pics taken.

LoBsTeR aNyOnE?

Here's another funny thing. We were walking along the Marina and there's this cute little boat. My dad told me to go look inside...
This is what i get to pick out your own lobster before you eat it...yuck!

ScArY GuYs...

We went down town and there were these guys dressed up in funny costumes. There was a gold pirate, and this other scary silver dude. After we got done eating Colt was curious and wanted to go look at them. I took him over there and he was fine at first then started screaming hysterically saying, "scary guys". It was sad but cute.


We ate dinner along the pier one night and Colt kept wanting to get up and see the "BIGGA, BIGGA, birds" They are smelly little things. They reminded me of Nemo, mine mine mine. hehe!
I took like 15 pics trying to get one of this stupid seal. This is all i got...

Friday, June 18, 2010

NOT so BIG helper...

Colt decided he was going to help me with my laundry one day. I had just picked up all of Colby's clothes he leaves on the floor, to come around the corner and find THIS! Haha for some reason his favorite thing is to push the basket around the house...Silly Rabbit!!

cLoWniN' ArOuNd

Colt has some tub crayons that he LOVES! He uses them every night in the tub...this is what i walked in to!