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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Happy 4th of JULY

HAPPY 4th of JULY (part 2)

We had so much fun lighting fireworks! Colt was really fascinated with everything. I really wanted to take him somewhere to see them, like Riverton Park or somewhere but i think he really liked seeing them up close...even though ours were dinky little things. Haha!
He is a Pyro already...he burnt holes in his softy!
He would wave his sparkler around, then would just stare at it.
Here's our BIG fireworks! OOOh....Ahhhh!!Here's Colby bein gay! He lit a couple sparklers and was dancing like a ferry all over the yard...haha. Silly rabbit!

CoWbOy CoLt

Colt has been so funny ever since we saw Toy Story 3. Colby and I bought him that hat when he was only a couple months old. He found it and has been wearing it EVERYWHERE!! We went to Walmart the other day and he freaked out cuz i put his hat back in the car, i put it back on his head and he shut right up. Even in the morning after he wakes up i'll find him in the other room with his hat on playing with his Buzz and Woody...he takes them everywere too. Its really cute. He'll come and find me and say, "Mama, i watch Buzz" so i'll have to put on Toy Story 2. He is a true cowboy. And we all know...a cowboy ain't a cowboy, without his hat.