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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

pLaYiN aT tHe PuN'Kin PaTcH...

Action Shot! Every kid needs a Luigi pose ;)
 Jagger wanted to pick up EVERY pumpkin that was his size LOL. We were there for a while!

 Kings of the Haystack!



  Colt loved driving this tractor! Maybe he'll grow up to be a farmer instead of police man :)

                                    It's Luigi TIME...                             My little Minion Man!
 It's adorable when you ask Jagg what he is going to be for Halloween and he says...a yellow guy!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

OuR sEaSiDe VaCaTiOn...

The Seaside Promenade
 The views were seriously amazing. I had forgotten how beautiful it is here. The last time I was in Seaside I was 15 and had a run in with the security guard ;) my parents like to remind me of it every time we pass the hotel where me and my friend Katie snuck out at night. Funny story really...

 This is at Ecola State Park. It was a pretty cold day but still so cool to see the scenery.

 The picture didn't turn out very good but this was a huge tree stump that they sat on on our hike to see the dead sea lion.

 The sea lion seriously stunk so bad from all the way up here so I don't know how Colby did it...!

 We were all laughing at him. He climbed all the way down the mountain side to get an up close and personal pic!

 This is Tillamook lighthouse. You can't see it very well because it was a cloudy day but I wish I would have been able to go there!
 Who needs a bull when you have a shark!...
 Colt was the ticket king! He won 197 tickets! Good for you buddy!
Following in Daddy's footsteps...
We were meeting Pop-Do and Colt at the Aquarium and seriously two minutes earlier it was pouring rain! We drove and they walked the Promenade. It was weird how the weather could change so quickly!