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Friday, September 28, 2012

Another FUN filled day!!

This was the California Adventure park. Colt and my dad rode the farris wheel and was at the very tippy top! The other blue thing is a roller coaster and it was awesome!! It was the best one I have ever been on! Below is where they did the World of Color. Its scenes from movies and songs that they do from lights and fountain water. It was so incredible to watch.
 Colt thought daddy was a ride :)

 Mommy even had a hard time seeing so I had to get on Daddy's shoulders to see!

 We found a little water place for the kids. They had so much fun getting wet! The weather was so hot and humid it felt nice to get soakin wet.
 Jagg would bend down and try to see where the water would come out. Every time he would just barely walk away and water would spurt out right where he was looking. I was waiting for him to get blasted in the face but he knew what he was doing :)

 Jagger kept making these silly faces. He was being such a ham in front of everyone!

 Pooped out after a busy day.
 Jagg even had a special bed. No one wanted to sleep with him cuz he kicks and cuddles up to you so much he'll knock you off the bed!

TooN ToWn...

The very first day we were there Colt kept asking to see where Mickey lived.
 Seeing Mickey was Colts absolute favorite.
 Here's Chip 'N' Dales treehouse.
 Colt on Donalds house boat.
 Here's Minnies house.
 This was in Mickey's house. His house was done up so cute and it was huge. Mickey even had a laundry room that was adorable. After you went through his whole house you got to see Mickey at the end. It's great for kids.
 GooFy's house.

 Go Jagg Go!
 Who me??
 Crashed into Mickies house...oops.

 This ride was a blast! Colt, Colby and my dad went 5 times in a row! They were soaked when they got off and Colton was laughing his head off. He was being so silly!!

 Colt's copin a feel on Ursela. hehe

Disneyland Park 2012

Our Disneyland adventure started in the Disneyland park. We were here for 2 days then we went to California Adventure park for a day. We rode all the big roller coasters and colt got to go on every one! We basically walked on to every ride the longest we had to wait was like 15-20 minutes. He loved Splash Mountain and the train ride that goes around the park. Thunder Mountain Rail Road was the first ride he went on. When he heard everyone screaming he asked me why everyone was so scared LOL. I told him they scream cuz that's what people do when they're having fun. The next time around he was screaming the loudest he even put his hands up :) We had such a great time!

 Tom Sawyers Island
 Jagg was talking to Colby on the other end.

 Fly Dumbo Fly!
 Jagger was such a trooper being in the stroller all day. He's such a good baby, we are lucky!
 Every once in a while he got down and would walk. As long as he could hold on to the other end he was fine but if you clipped it on his back pack he would have a melt down.
 My cute boy!
 Nightmare before Christmas is my favorite movie. The haunted mansion ride was getting converted so I didn't get to go on it :( I saw Kat Von D in front of this but didn't have my camera to take her picture!!
 I think we are in Tarzans hut or something.

 Such a nice big bro!
 Oh no where's mommy??

CA. aDvEnTuRe PaRaDe!

When we were at California Adventure they had their own parade with the Pixar characters. They started off with Monsters Inc., one of Colt's favorite shows!
 This cute little monster even had a sock on his back like the movie. No one was there to shave him though :)

 Mr. Incredible was there and Elasta-Girl!! Another one of Colt's favorite movies.

 Jagger loved watching the parade. He kept pointing at everything.
 I really liked this parade better than the one at Disneyland. The characters were awesome!!
 Nemo and Dory!

 Seeing all the Toy Story guys was so much fun! I think Colt about fell out of his seat to see Buzz! Making a childs dream come true is the most precious thing to see.

Mater is Colton's all time FAVORITE person EVER!! He was in a Mater kick for so long where that's all he would watch.