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Monday, March 12, 2012

Let The Battle Begin...!!

Our Special Day...

Getting ready for our special day!
Friday me and Colt had a special day together. He's been doing so good with his sticker chart so I took him to see The Lorax. We ate popcorn, pizza, marshmellows and fruit snacks :) We had a great day at the movies!   

Sunday, March 4, 2012

MoNsTeR JaMs 2012!!

The whole drive to the Monster Jams Colt kept saying, "are the monster trucks as big as that..." and it'd be a little ford ranger or something or a Chevy silverado. We kept trying to explain that they were going to be HUGE and LOUD! When the first one finally came out he seriously freaked! It was the cutest thing. The first couple would come out and he'd ask where Grave Digger was. Then a few more would come out and he'd ask for Grave Digger again. LOL I kept saying they have to take turns. Finally Grave Digger came out and he was so excited. They even had a truck, Wolverine there!

 He kept shoving popcorn in his face like it was gonna go somewhere!
 Go Grave Digger!!

 The Maverick truck won the main event!

1st Trip To The Dentist...

Last Monday was Colt's 1st time at the Dentist. I took him to the Kids Dental Barn. They were so nice and cute with him. He first went back and the assistant showed him how to brush the "sugar bugs" away. Then she sat him down in a cow room, and he got to take pictures of his teeth. First the right and left side, then top and bottom. When he was finished he said, "i'm sure good at this". She started laughing. Next the dentist got to come in and count his teeth while he was watching Cars 2. The dentist said all his teeth looked great! Then the assistant started cleaning and scrubbing his teeth with a special tool, the "teeth tickler" after the flouride was gone he got to drink water and spit it into the sink which was pretty cool! (if you're a 3 yr old boy :) She showed Colt how to floss so the ugly icky cavities don't come back and then he got to pick a balloon animal for her to make. He chose a dinosaur. When she got done making it he said, "I wanted a T-Rex not a long neck". Haha. She laughed again and said that long necks were all she knew how to make but that she could make him a mean long neck and drew teeth on him. He was such a little character. Now he always reminds me that we need to brush our teeth after we eat anything! Great 1st trip to the dentist...they'll see us back in another 6 months :)

Just finishing up. You can see the cow room in the background. That's where they took his x-rays.
His "long-neck dinosaur"

Oops...i meant his "MEAN" long-neck dinosaur!