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Monday, February 13, 2012

Bear Lake Trip With the Pugmire's!

The lake was so cool looking!
 Brett and Colton were outside for a minute and Colt said, "i'm cold". Brett said, "big boys don't get cold". So after a while Colt said, "my blankies cold". Haha
 Colton, Brett, and Tammy were all sitting on the couch playing games.
 All tubbed and ready for bed!
 Brett and Colby before they went snowmobiling on Saturday.
 Why so serious!!
 Hot Dogs!! They kept sitting right by the fire even though their skin was roasting.
 Poppy and Jagg!


I walked outside to let the dogs out and there were at least 15 deer just standing there staring at me.
More and more were coming out from behing the fence.

MoRe sLeDDiNg...

Colt is a sledd-a-holic! Even after Colby got done pulling him around on the four-wheeler he still went sledding in the yard. Wasn't much snow but he just giggled and giggled going down this weenie hill. 

 Then he ran into this bush.
 Even the pug dogs had fun playing in the yard.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Bear Lake Sledding!

Get Set...
 Go Pugs Go...
 Oops...fell off!

 Colt got his helmet stuck in the snow!
Mommy even got a turn on the sled!

  There was a jump Colt kept going off on the sled. Every time I took the pic I barely missed him catching air!  

Monday, February 6, 2012

SuCh A gOoBeR!

We got home today and i've been meaning to take Jaggers picture in this outfit since Christmas! He's figured out that he makes people laugh when he turns his head like that...such a cheese ball! Then Colt was making him laugh by doing some cool tricks on the couch.